Life will be so easy if everybody did the right thing and never hurt or wronged the other person. But the reality is that we hurt and get hurt by other people including the significant others in our lives. Most of us a limping along life’s journey because we are carrying the hurt and the pains we have received from others or the pains, guilt and hurt we have caused others.
The fact of life is that bad things happen to good people. Even when we are
focusing on the good and noble things most of the time. Bad things are part of life, and sometimes unfortunately, terrible things happen to good people. The good news is that there is something good in every bad situation we encounter if we just look for it hard enough.
It is tough when life yachts you in the side or when you are in the valley. It is not so much what happens to us that destroys us, rather what we let those things do to us. One way to get through the bad situation and become strong and get through the experience is when you know that you will learn from it and one day in the future and might even be grateful that it happened because something good came out of it. Forgiveness is another way to get through the pain and the hurt. Being able to forgive someone for what they did is not about if what they did was right or wrong. They do not even have to know that you have forgiven them. It is about what happens inside you during the process.

Forgiveness is a selfish act! You’re doing it for yourself. You forgive so that you can finally get rid of the excess emotional baggage that has been weighing you down and holding you back; so that you become free to do and be whatever you choose instead of limping along according to the script painful past experiences and memories have written for you.

Just remember that forgiving someone does not mean you cannot put limits on their behaviour or call them out on the spot. Forgiveness is not forgetting, it is about letting go of the hurt, anger, and pain. Do not use your scars as reminders of how bad it was. Use them as reminders of how you have survived, of the battles you have won, of the things you learned. The most painful lessons make us the wisest. You are still here. Keep on going and, above all, be grateful says Marc Recklau. Steve Jobs- You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So, you must trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future. Sometimes the most magnificent things can happen out of the worse situations, and tough moments in our lives can often be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, tough things happen in life-maybe a loss, problems, pain, the death of a loved one. These things can break us or turn us into the person we need to become to reach our goals. It is a matter of perspective and attitude, and gratitude will give us power to make the right choices.
The world is full of people who have overcome the most horrible and life changing experiences to go on and become successful- or maybe they became successful because they defeated these circumstances and dealt with them the right way.


Why Forgiveness

Forgiveness is key to your success in life, inner peace, and happiness. Sometimes, you can do everything right -but you stay stuck. Nothing improves, and you do not know or understand why. If this is happening to you, the chances are that there is some energy block because of you have not forgiving somebody, situation, or even yourself (maybe you think you do not “deserve” good things like success or happiness).

Forgiveness enables you to free up and put to better use the energy once consumed by holding grudges, harbouring resentments, and nursing unhealed wounds.

Forgiveness is not about being right or wrong. It is about you are being well and not losing a great amount of energy because of anger and resentment – or worse,reliving hate time and time again- are huge energy drains. Do yourself a favour and let go.


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