is an arm of Transition Planning UK and it is operated by Transition Planning UK Ltd. It is an independent pastoral care business providing spiritual care and guidance and emotional support to people in their hour of need helping the youth to develop resilience and resourcefulness, good habits, the values, and moral dimension which will support and nurture the individual’s wellbeing throughout their life, home visitation, prayer for those who need it etc. We provide a Non-Romantic Chat service to the millions in the UK who describe themselves as #“always” or “often lonely”, #bored, #confused, #overwhelmed, #feel isolated or #disconnected from the community. The place emphasis is on care, and not on religion or evangelization or religious conversion by the back door. It has four distinct attributes yet, one purposehelping you feel supported, connected to yourself and others. These four attributes are: Compassionate in nature and approach; attentive listening- it aims at focusing on you and what it is you would like to share. For this reason, it is important that pet owners keep their pets in a cage or a separate room even if they are friendly; Reconcile, help you make peace with yourself, and with your past and encourage or motivate you to forge ahead, even when the going gets tough.

Our pastoral care programme is not counselling-which is about the past and its impact on the present; it is not consulting nor is it an evangelization by the back door. It is not RentAFriend or a romantic chat. It is strictly platonic friendship or companionship with a professional person. It is about your health, safety, and wellbeing. In short it is the care for body and soul. We use pastoral care not in its strictest sense which is ‘the action of a community of faith that celebrates God’s care by also hearing and remembering those who are in some way cut off from the faith community’. We use it to mean ‘the action of the ‘human community’ reaching out to those who for whatever reason feel cut off or isolated either physically or emotionally’.

Matthew Kelly (1973) succinctly sums up my reasons for establishing He says, we all have a need for a trust relationship, a somebody in our lives we can talk to about anything and everything- a relationship with a person who will honour our feelings and reverence our struggle with the circumstances of our lives; someone who will listen without trying to fix, change, judge or move us, a person who is able and willing to sit with us in our joy, a person in tune with him or herself enough to speak with compassion, encouragement, and honesty. I established to be that kind of person and to offer a nurturing listening to those overwhelmed by life’s circumstances and to help them make sense of their life situations. My experience in pastoral care is that often people talk of practical day to day problems more than they talk of God. We will provide you with an emotionally safe environment for you to be yourself, talk about whatever is on your mind, be your companion, sounding board and a confidant. We have the skills to guide you through complex life situations. So, whether you are feeling alone, drowning under an ocean of emotions because your life has been turned upside down and everything feels like it is beyond your control, feeling lonely, bored, isolated, we have the knowledge, skills, and the strategies to support you.

What we provide is primarily not advice, but rather the opportunity for clients to put into words their dilemmas and their feelings so that they can fully understand what is going on. We believe that talking to someone you do not know helps you to be yourself because the fear of rejection or being judged disappears. So, we lend an ear to people who would never dream or think of spilling their guts to professionals like a therapist, counsellor, or to their family or friends. We offer you a safe space for you to be who you are, be your conversation partners and offer a place of support and safety for you to discuss whatever you are struggling with and are willing to share. The safe space we provide is a relationship of unconditional positive regard. We will provide you with a steady and secure relationship that is relatively free from anxiety. By subscribing, you become a member of the family until you end your subscription. Members will have automatic access to our monthly reflection on an aspect of life and living. You will also become a member of my pastoral care UK members only Facebook group.